Implemented the following projects
in joint venture with Al Mejhar Constructio

  • Implementing Street Pavements Work in Central Station of Khormala (KAR Group)
  • Implementing Road Opening for Gas Pipe 55KM (KAR Group)
  • Construction Of Erbil Police Academe
  • Construction of Camp & offices (DANA Gas & Crescent)
  • Construction of Restaurants in Erbil (KAR Refinery)
  • Implementing Excavation & Burying Works for Gas Pipe 40KM (KAR GROUP)
  • Construction of Warehouses Erbil Refinery
  • Implementing Road Pavement Works 20KM (KAR Group)
  • Implemented Sewage and Water project for Repsol S.A. in Zewe Peramagron

Independently performed projects

  • Supplied Wze Petroleum with our European Manufactured Valves
  • Provided services to Terraseis in Safeen Block for Total
  • Provide Seismic Services in Partnership with Terraseis to Total, Oryx Petroleum and Repsol
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