Increasingly, organizations are relying on us to provide a range of support services such as lawn and gardening, pool maintenance and building maintenance. They recognize the value of partnering with us to achieve:

  • The highest quality service to support their business;
  • The highest health, safety and environment standards;
  • Reduced costs through simplifying and rationalizing their existing providers;
  • Greater efficiency and consistency through standardization.

Our well recognized customer first ‘hospitality mindset’ is blended with the ‘industrial efficiency’ necessary to manage and deliver multiple services to the highest standard at the best value – consistently and measurably on a global scale. Our delivery model is based on ‘self-performance’ meaning that wherever possible it is our people looking after your people. This allows us to train our teams to be multi-skilled, delivering additional services, increasing workflow efficiencies and reducing the number of third party contractors.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • Cleaning Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Business & Office Services
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Outdoor
  • Security

We implement standardized processes derived from best practices and local experience. World-class processes, delivered by great people, underpinned by a culture of health and safety first in everything we do.

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