petroKgas is a responsible corporate citizen committed to the protection of people, the environment
and company resources while supplying products and services in a sustainable manner.

This commitment adds value to employees, customers, shareholders and communities. Our HSE and Security Policy Statement have the commitment of our executive management team and, are signed by our President and Chief Executive Officer. We communicate and promote this policy to all employees in all our work locations. Our HSE&S professional’s partner with managers across all departments and every business segment to develop specific programs tailored to meet local needs aligned with corporate goals.

This strategy enables HSE&S integration with the business, regardless

of the product, service, project, or location through:


Measurable goals promoting continual improvement toward zero incidents and the prevention of pollution


Recognition by all employees that, as a condition of employment, and contractors as a condition of working with us, safety and environmental protection are first and foremost, and they are responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them.


Line management accountability for HSE&S matters and the individual contribution of all employees

We minimize our environmental footprint, which includes conserving resources, such as energy and water, reducing waste and spills and increasing recycling.

We promote a culture where Stop Work Authority is exercised freely and is valued as a proactive process to control HSE&S risks and impacts. We integrate HSE&S and social considerations into our business decisions, plans, and operations and ensure the security of our employees and operations in our increasingly complex business.

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