At petroKgas we provides robust engineering solutions onshore and offshore with a focus on safety, quality and operational performance. We undertake turnkey construction of Refinery & Petro-chemical, Cross-country pipelines and Oil & Gas projects. petroKgas offers Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services. Through our joint venture with the international companies, we can carry out the following scope of work:

  • All civil works, roads and prepare foundations drilling rigs.
  • Establishing camps and its requisites.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of camps, rigs and machines.
  • Providing the specialized staff for such projects.
  • Logistic support, rigs movement and their installation and the provision of all the required vehicles.
  • Transportation of all the materials, machines, equipment, chemical materials, pipes, transportation of fuels and water to the project site.
  • Local security: coordination and cooperation with tribes at the work site.

This will be done by providing all cranes, trailers, heavy equipment, fuel, oil and chemical tankers.

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