The oil and gas chain has experienced accelerated development over the pastyears, gaining increasing importance in the Iraqi economy. The Organization followed this advance up-close through the companies currently concentrated in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. petroKgas provides services to the Iraqi oil industry since 2012 when it began its long-term, trusted relationship with the then newly created Partnerships and Joint Ventures. petroKgas provides integrated, customized solutions for the upstream oil industry in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. It can serve its Customers throughout their business cycle from design engineering, project management, and integrated service delivery to onshore and offshore drilling rigs and production platforms including the new challenges in deep water and the pre-salt. OOG focuses on creating value for both Customers and Shareholders, Business Excellence and Sustainability. Its performance stands out not only for its diversity, but also for its commitment to invest in ongoing improvements within a framework of sustainable development. By prioritizing the use of state-of-the-art technologies, it ensures greater safety in its operations.

Concern for Employees’ safety and health and environmental preservation is central to the culture of the petroKgas organization, as is the petroKgas Entrepreneurial Technology – which focuses on giving value to peoples’ lives, capacity, and desire to progress. Also noteworthy at petroKgas are long-term contracts that not only ensure the company’s growth and perpetuity, but also its decentralized operations, affording customized, quicker service designed to meet the customers’ needs. By satisfying the Customers needs, petroKgas strives to be your first choice in service providers.

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