PetroKgas was created by a local Iraqi/ Kurdish businessmen and highly experienced Oilfield personnel. The result was the start-up of a precision, technical oil and gas support company that began procuring in the second quarter of 2012. The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources (“MNR”) approved petroKgas’s headquarters and registration in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the company is now included in the MNR tendering process with the registration number 00747.

PetroKgas is also approved to access the military side of Erbil International Airport listed number 90 in the approved vendors list providing all services to the coalition forces in the KRI. Our Company is also registered with the Joint Contingency Contracting System JCCS # 83738, The NATO # SCBV8 and the Federal Business Opportunities.

The company’s headquarter is located in the heart of Erbil city, while the company’s 1,000m2Facility lies on Khabat Street in Ankawa just minutes away from the citadel. petroKgas is focused on providing the highest quality service, supported by leading industry Professionals, in the fields of Drilling, Supply of Oil pipeline, Civil Works, Logistics, Shipping and Trading, OPF Camp Constructions, Security, Recruiting and Manpower, Facility Management and Industrial Catering as the core business areas.

Moving forward, the company plans to develop new product lines that will come online in early 2013 while discussions are ongoing with prominent international firms to develop Joint Ventures that will support this movement.

Our organization is currently working on the registration and acquisition of licenses suchas API Monogram and Q1, ISO 9001, ISO 29000, ISO 17025, FM, LEEA and ANST. This supports petroKgas’s commitment to quality, in line with the Quality Assurance Management System that was developed under the guidance of the various governing bodies by petoKgas’s divisional managers.

The approach petoKgas applies is to be proactive with its clients and potential clients in order to continuously satisfy their needs. This is managed by an internal reporting system and client surveys that provide constant awareness of clients’ current and upcoming requirements. At petroKgas, we make it our business to know what the client may need so that we can supply it on short notice.

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